2018 is history but these news bloopers will live on forever!

2018 was quite the year when it comes to stutters, wardrobe malfunctions, arguments, gaffes, ect, in the world of news. Every month, I like to find the best bloopers from that month and often times, I would share them with you.

Naturally, it's a no-brainer to bring you this 2018 compilation of the best, funniest news bloopers of the year.

This compilation video is packed with favorties, as well as a few new ones you might have missed through the year. We have  25 quick cuts of a reporter saying "Yeah, guys", a reporter splitting a board in half with her arm and then falling on her face, and a sports anchor who's told his bow-tie looks like a birthday present, so he says, "Want to open me?"

This is legendary, enjoy!


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