This might possibly be the best prank of all time.

Meg Rowles got revenge on her sister with a pretty epic prank. I mean, she even got a friend on Facebook involved to help her pull off her masterful plan.

It all started with a harmless post by Meg's sister who was just looking to sell a semi-creepy looking doll. Meg decided this was the perfect time to get revenge on her sister and asked her Facebook friends to purchase the doll so Meg could put it in her sister's new house.

Did I mention this plan is brilliant? Who wouldn't be terrified to see a doll that they clearly sold sitting in their new house?

Not only did Meg put the doll in her sister's new house, but she wrote "How could you?" on the wall next to the doll. Next level creepiness.

I think it's safe to say that Meg's epic revenge plan worked.

Watch the entire thing unfold in Meg's Facebook post above!



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