An epic proposal moment was narrowly ruined during this viral Tik-Tok, but one family member was able to swoop in and save the day from the disaster that everyone saw coming.

We all have that extra family member. They're loud, obnoxious, and often times stand out amongst everyone else in the crew. Well that is exactly what the sister of the woman who was about to be receive and engagement ring could possibly be described as and thank goodness her family had a well-thought-out plan in place for this very special moment.

With the photographer ready and proper decoys in place, this proposal was planned out from beginning to end and executed perfectly with the help of one hero in particular.

See the progression of events below.

Epic Proposal Save

Now check out the entire Tik-Tok from @aleenamarnee below.

This is a family that has so much awareness of one another, they were able to make a plan around having the bride-to-be's SISTER taken out of the entire situation because of how "extra" she was predicted to be.

Obviously, the hero of this entire video is the sister's boyfriend who could not have been more stealthy or timed it any better. I mean, the hand over the mouth was perfectly executed.

Tik-Tok via @aleenamarnee
Tik-Tok via @aleenamarnee

Congratulations to the newly-engaged, but a standing ovation to the sister's boyfriend who is most definitely a certified member of the family after these heroics.

Bravo, young man!

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