As all our regular listeners know, every Father's Day Erin writes - and reads on the air - a letter to her Dad, John, who passed away in 1987. In it, she tells him about the changes in her life, about her two sons, and the latest news concerning her Mother. 

Well, this year, with her oldest son, JW, about to graduate from Marine basic training, she wrote about how proud he'd be, as he was also in the Corps during World War II.

John McCarty was, in fact, a hero, single handedly saving the lives of numerous fellow Marines at the battle of Okinawa in 1945. For his bravery he was awarded the Bronze Star.

Well, her trip to Parris Island for graduation began with a stop in Baton Rouge to pick up her Mother. And while talking about her Dad and his heroism, Erin's Mom displayed her Father's medal, awarded 68 years ago this month.

erin mccarty