During a recent visit to a local grocery store, I ran into a big problem. I need your advice.

I had a few minutes to run into a local grocery store to pick up some things we needed at the house.  I also wanted to get some of the meat specials.  I'm not gonna name the grocery store,  but I grab a whole pork loin.  It's on sale and I like to get big thick chops that I can stuff.   I press the bell in the meat market...and wait.  No one shows up.  I press the bell again.....no one shows up.  So I go to the deli and ask them to send help.  I have to go to the deli 3 times to get help in the meat market. 

The guy finally comes over.  He was not too thrilled about having my project to do.  I told him I wanted them cut 2 inches thick and pack them 2 to a pack.  I go about finishing my shopping and come back to find he's cut them about 1/2 inch.  I was not happy.   I didn't have time for him to redo it.  So I get to the register and ask to see the manager.   I tell him the problem and he asks "if I take $10 off, would you be happy".  I said yes.   Ten years ago, I would never have said a word.  What would you have done?  Should I have been a bigger jerk?