We all know that Erin's diet calls for one 'free' day a week, twenty four hours off from her calorie counting regimen to devour whatever she desires. Normally, even during her 'diet free' time, she stays pretty reasonable. But this weekend just may be a little different. Her goal: To make the Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, also known as the Bacon Meatloaf Weave!

She first saw a photo of it about a week ago and it was love at first sight. Erin loves bacon like a man loves...well, bacon. And she's she's researched and studied and claims she's ready to go. She has the ingredients. She has the time. And she most certainly has the will. I just hope she has the Prilosec!

Tune in Monday morning with Erin and me for her 'Bacon Meatloaf Weave' details and photos from her kitchen. In the meantime, maybe try the recipe on your own, and call us Monday morning (320-9696) and compare notes with 'Bacon Queen' Erin McCarty!