Darkness. No parents. Continued darkness. The opposite of light. Black hole. Curtains drawn. In the basement. Middle of the night. Blacked-out windows. Other places that are dark.

This is the world of the Batman, in all of its bleakness (and darkness, obviously). And for over 70 years, it’s been a world explored in movies as well as comic-books. That expansive history makes the Caped Crusader one of the most enduringly popular heroes in all of American cinema, if not all of fiction. People loves them some Batman, whether he’s cast as a walking figure of vengeance or a walking action figure of adorableness.

With The Batman now in release, we decided to go through all seven decades of Batmania onscreen and rank the entire series from worst to first. Only theatrical films qualified though, so you won’t find some of Batman’s better direct-to-video animated adventures (like Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, or any of the recent DC Animated Original Movies, which we’ve already ranked in a separate post). After nearly 75 years, here is the state of the Bat-franchise, for better, for worse, and Forever.

Every Batman Movie Ranked From Worst to Best

Which Batman movie reigns supreme? We ranked them all.
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Every Movie Batman Actor, Ranked From Worst to Best

From Lewis G. Wilson to Robert Pattinson, we ranked them all.

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