As someone who absolutely adores all things Harry Potter this caught my interests very quickly... until I saw the price. The price will crush your soul- unless you got money.

According to news sources, this cruise will cost you around $4,200. KNUE broke this down to about $700 per day on the Magna Carta barge.

If you look at the current pricing for Carnival Cruise line, they are running around $100 per day. I am no expert on cruises or traveling at any means- I am just a hopeful Harry Potter fan who dreams of vacations based around my favorite fictional stories.

According to, "The 2018 Harry Potter season runs for two weeks only, from August 19-25 and September 16-22. A double cabin costs $5,350 per person; single occupancy is just $1,650 during the regular season. Folks can also book a private cruise for six ($35,900), seven ($37,500), or eight guests ($39,100)."

Well there just went all my hopes and dreams. I will keep my fingers crossed for that lottery win.