We know about waxing and eyebrow plucking, but now there's a new way to keep those wayward hairs under control. It's called eyebrow threading.

You can find these technicians in local malls. I spotted one while walking at Mall St. Vincent. I've never seen this before. It's also done at some local salons. Some of the girls say it is less painful than the alternatives. It just looks too time consuming to me.


The cost of eyebrow threading is similar to the cost of getting your eyebrows waxed or having the hair removed in other ways by a professional. Some places are very inexpensive, while others can be quite pricey. Some ladies are successful doing it at home, but I can not even imagine the coordination you would need to do this.


Threading isn't as common as waxing, so you may have difficulty finding a salon or spa in your area that offers the service. When choosing a salon, look for a technician who has a lot of experience with threading.

Poorly trained or inexperienced threading technicians may not pull up all the hair, leaving stubble behind.

The Technique

Threading is a process of running cotton threads over the skin. The threads trap hairs and pull them out. The process is quicker than plucking and gets smaller hairs.

Usually, the hair is gone for up to six weeks after a threading treatment. The process does hurt, as the hair is being torn from the skin. Unlike waxing, though, threading only removes hair, and is safe for people taking medication for their skin.

The procedure is generally a lot more sanitary than waxing.

Watch how eyebrow threading is done below