Faith Hill’s music career will remain on hold as she focuses on a new television venture. The singer is set to become the executive producer for a new lifestyle-driven, daytime talk show co-hosted by Kellie Pickler.

Hill will not serve as one of the show’s hosts, but will appear on occasion. Billboard reports that the show will be taped in Nashville, but not be country music-centric. In fact, the yet-to-be-named show won’t rely on celebrities at all, instead focusing on five to 10 experts that discuss topics like cooking, home design and gardening.

The show will be shopped to networks in the coming weeks, with an eye on a 2016 or 2017 premiere. One or two other co-hosts will join Pickler, but they’ve yet to be named. Hill’s manager tells Billboard the show will be more about personal anecdotes instead of front-page tabloids and gossip. Think more Live With Kelly and Michael and less The View.

Hill's role as executive producer will mean she’s responsible for the overall direction and shape of the talk show. It’s her first foray into television, and her first into off-camera work. Previously she’d acted in movies like The Stepford Wives and Dixieland. Her last album was Fireflies in 2005. The Billboard article indicates that new music is not on the horizon for Hill.

Pickler is currently starring in a reality show called I Love Kellie Pickler on CMT. She first found fame after appearing on American Idol.

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