The lawsuit filed against the Caddo School Board over the bond issue accuses the parish of misleading the public.

Attorney John Settle tells KEEL News he has concern about the possible use of public money to promote the bond issue. He also questions the need for the bond issue.

I don't believe the studies that show the need for the schools are correct and therefore there is not a need for 100 million dollars to build schools that are not needed.

The bond money, if approved, would be used to build 3 new schools. 6 existing schools would close.

Settle also accuses the Superintendent of strong arming teachers and other school employees to support the bond issue. Dr. Lamar Goree emphatically denies that allegation:

I never ever want to strong arm anyone into doing anything. In fact, we've been very clear that we're doing information sessions. We encourage everyone to vote. There are people that died for the right to vote. So we certainly always need to encourage people to vote. But I would never tell anyone how to vote because that's a personal decision.

The bond issue is on the May 2nd ballot. It would extend a property tax that would soon roll off the books.

The schools on the chopping block are:

Barret Paideia Academy
Creswell Elementary
E.B. Williams-Stoner Hill Elementary
Blanchard Elementary
Timmons Elementary
Alexander Learning Center


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