As a parent I'm always questioning if we're doing the right things for our daughter. We've started a tradition recently where we try to go on cheap weekend vacations for birthdays and last year for my daughter Rhylees's 2nd birthday we went to Chemin-A-Haut State Park. I love the getaways with my little family but certain other members of our family think we're depriving Rhylee of birthday parties. This year it's looking like a cabin at a state park in Arkansas!

Rhylee has a small birthday party with her class in daycare so with the majority of our family living around 1,000 miles away if we gave her an additional party it'd be with the same kids. So for the same price as a party we can go away for the weekend and get much needed family time! Is this cheap of me?

Looking back I remember much more of all my family vacations than any of my birthday parties growing up. And yes when the day comes that Rhylee asks for a birthday party with all her friends she will get it! But until then should we do family trip or kids party?

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