Happy New Year! If 2020 is going to be 'new year, new you', then this is your lucky day. Fashion folks and the Insider are addressing some clothing trends and pieces that you need to ditch in 2020, pronto. Yes, you might have spent a ton of money on them, but realistically speaking, you'll look old and outdated if you don't do a refresh in your closet soon. Some things are timeless and classic, of course, and I am not a slave to fashion at all, but these seem pretty spot on. They are listed below. Good luck, y'all!

  • Skinny jeans - boot-cut, relaxed, and bell-bottom are predicted to be on-trend in the near future
  • Sky-high heels. Thank goodness these will be replaced with lower heels or dressy flats. Comfort will be key
  • Ripped jeans. Maybe for concerts and festivals, but they are def not as fashion-forward as they used to be
  • Cold shoulder tops. Cutouts are not cool anymore, cover yourself, girl
  • Oversize 'Dad' sneakers. Loafers and flats will make a big comeback, so ditch these ASAP
  • Anything neon. More subdued tones will prevail in the new year.
  • Anything mustard colored. A more subdued tone of saffron will take its place
  • 'Jeggings'. Those stretchy leggings might not make it down the runway, or your driveway, in the next couple of years. Exercise pants are not real pants.
  • Lace panels. Although the sheerness is quite feminine, this trend is on it's way out the door in 2020
  • Bike shorts. Despite what the Kardashians say, wearing cycling shorts isn't an actual fashion statement
  • Pajamas outside of the house. How did this ever become a thing, anyway?
  • Patterned leggings. That bold snakeskin look is just tacky. Less is more for these comfy pants in the future


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