The U.S. Department of Education says it will investigate a controversial "Redneck Day" celebration two months ago at a high school in Arizona.

Racially Hostile?

One student at Queen Creek High wore a Confederate flag during the May event, which students say was inspired by the popular A&E show "Duck Dynasty." But local civil rights activists say that created a 'racially hostile environment'.

According to school supervisors, the day was supposed to prompt kids at Queens Creek High School to dress like members of the reality show cast, but instead it was seen as offensive when students showed up at school in what some termed 'racially insensitive clothing'.

School apologizes

Area school superintendent Tom Lindsey said that the day was meant to satirize “Duck Dynasty” and boost school spirit. But some minority students said they were offended by the dress-up day, and Lindsey apologized for shortly after the incident.

Lindsay said that the student wearing the Confederate flag was 'taken aside and asked to change clothes.'

'We meant no ill intent', said Lindsay, 'And we apologize to any people who, because of the word (redneck) were offended.'

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