Get your fix this weekend, because this is KVKI's last scheduled Feel Good '80s Weekend! Yep, this is the 6th weekend in a row that we will have served up the hottest '80s hits of all time back to back all weekend long! But, 'The Man' is on to us and said we have to stop goofing off. So, if you ever had a crush on one of the 'Coreys,' you might want to listen to KVKI this weekend!

Starting this Friday, April 9, 2021, at 5 pm, we're going retro celebrating the decade of Strawberry Shortcake, Nintendo, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Yep, we're bringing back all of the '80s hits you love and we'll keep the totally awesome tunes rolling through Sunday, April 11th at 7 pm when Delilah comes on. Are you ready to turn back the clock to the time of Trapper Keepers, aerobics, and Fraggle Rock? We are! In fact, we may break out our leg warmers just for fun!

So, in the spirit of the weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some obscure '80s trivia that you can wow your friends with. Check it out!

1. How long did it take John Hughes to write Ferris Bueller's Day Off? (6 days)
2. Which member of Duran Duran showed up to audition for the band in pink leopard print pants? (Simon Le Bon)
3. Which artist accepted a role on General Hospital in 1981? (Rick Springfield)
4. Christian Bale starred in a commercial in the 1980s for what product? (Pac-Man cereal)
5. Which product was launched in 1985 with the slogan, 'all the sugar and twice the caffeine? (Jolt Cola)
6. How old was Toni Basil when she recorded the song, Mickey? (38)
7. This popular office supply was released in 1980. What was it? (Post It Notes)
8. This popular plastic surgery procedure was introduced in 1982. What was it? (Liposuction)
9. John Hughes released his first movie in 1984. What was it called? (Sixteen Candles)
10. This popular toy got its start in 1981 on greeting cards. What was it? (Care Bears)

Don't miss it when we serve all this pop-culture fun up for you on a platter this weekend as KVKI celebrates with wall-to-wall '80s super hits. And don't forget, wherever your travels take you this weekend, take 96.5 KVKI with you using the free KVKI Mobile App.

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