I enjoy the fine selection of foods associated with the fast-food franchise Arby's. I especially like their curly fries and am quite partial to their Beef n Cheddar sandwich too. However, despite all my many trips through the Arby's drive-thru, I have never taken a moment to contemplate what could be one of the seven wonders of the fast-food world.

Apparently, if you look at the bottom of the bag that Arby's uses to transfer their delicious food from their ovens to your cars there is some fine print. That fine print makes a very bold statement.

In a video posted by Tik Tok user Austin Bennett (@culinarybb) you will see that the bottom of the Arby's bag proudly boasts that it can hold up to 25 pounds. 

That's a lot of weight for small fast food bags to hold. If you put that in Quarter Pounder terms (sorry Arby's for demonstration purposes only) that would mean you could use the bag to lift almost 100 sandwiches. Okay, they won't fit but we're talking about pre-cooked weight, not volume.

The video that Bennett posted on his page shows an experiment in which they placed a 20-pound kettlebell into an Arby's bag and they were able to raise it off the floor just fine. Now for clarity sake let's remember, the bags were dry and had no french fry grease soaking through them.

When Bennett and friends reached out to Arby's to inquire about the reason for their incredibly strong bags Arby's replied in the most Arby way they could. The fast-food franchise simply stated, "Because we have the meats".


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