The first human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus has been reported in the United States.

The CDC announced the deadly virus was spread from a woman from Chicago who recently traveled to China and gave it to her husband upon her return. Her case is the sixth confirmed case of the coronavirus.

other cases have been confirmed in California, Arizona, and Washington state. Worldwide, the Wuhan coronavirus has spread to at least 20 countries since it was identified last month

According to NPR, officials are looking at 21 other possible cases of the virus within the state of Illinois. The CDC says that members of the public do not need to wear masks, but to reduce the chance of catching any respiratory illnesses washing your hands and avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick are simple steps that can be taken.

Obviously, anyone returning from Wuhan or high-risk areas in China should be on alert for any symptoms like fever and cough.

If those symptoms do develop under those circumstances that person should call their health care provider.

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