I'm not a big fan of flying and I don't do it often. But amidst the lines, the crowds, the security, et al, there shines a beam of airline light: A flight attendant who makes the always boring 'fasten your seat belt' speech more than a little entertaining!

Five flights a day

His name is David Holmes and he's been 'rapping' the safety briefing to his passengers for a couple of years now.

The veteran Southwest Airlines flight attendant was captured on video asking passengers to "stomp and clap" while he rapped safety instructions over the plane's speakers. "I have five flights a day and I can't do the regular boring announcement again otherwise I am going to put myself to sleep," David says.

Bosses love it

"Shortly after take-off, first things first/ there's soft drinks and coffee to quench your thirst," David raps. And in most cases, his "performance" finishes to a roar of applause from passengers. "People started getting off the plane and saying  to me 'that's the first time I have listened to the emergency instructions.'"

"I didn't know how they were going to react, but I like to have fun at work," says David. "Plus the company likes it so there's no reason to stop any time soon!"