We've seen a typical fall weather pattern, jacket in the morning, shorts in the afternoon. I guess most of the South is actually experiencing that right now. Same can be said for Florida where their morning lows are dropping into the forty's. This does create a small problem for a native reptile of the area, iguanas falling from above.

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With morning temperatures dropping into the forty's across most of the South, Florida is seeing an interesting phenomenon, falling iguanas according to nbc-2.com. The colder temperatures are causing the iguanas, a natural cold blooded animal, to slow down or even freeze. This makes them immobile and sometimes fall out of the tree they're in.

The National Weather Service out of Miami even had to put out an alert to be aware of the situation. The good thing is the cold isn't killing the iguanas but it is stunning them as they are used to warmer climates. Florida residents just have to keep an eye out when walking under a tree as the reptiles could fall on them. They are not dangerous to humans so no one has to worry about an iguana attack.

It would still be a little startling to be out walking your dog or taking a morning jog and have an iguana fall on you or in your path. I, personally, like iguanas. I kinda feel sorry for the reptiles this time of year.

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