This is what I know about flowers...…they're pretty.

I have tried a few times over the years, unsuccessfully, to maintain plants and flowers, but I'm just not very good at it.

What I am good at is admiring the beauty of flowers. I can appreciate their beauty, their smell, their delicate nature, and the time it takes to have a successful garden.

Frozen Flowers
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So, I love flowers. Another thing I also love? Winter. So many people in South Louisiana don't enjoy the cold weather because we are usually experiencing such warm weather, and that's why I just love it so much. When I was thinking about winter, and how bleak things usually look, I looked around my yard to see so many evergreen trees. They lift my spirits. That glance got me thinking about flowers that bloom in winter. So I started looking things up.

Frozen Daisy
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Now, I know that camellias bloom in winter because I have always loved them, but I learned about other beautiful flowers including violas and magnolias. It's so amazing to me that we have so many hearty flowers that can survive colder temperatures. I think this is just another one of the great things about Louisiana that helps to showcase the beauty of our state.

Photo courtesy of annie-spratt-fQXuvHNNtW8-unsplash

I found a great deal of information by looking at the website for the University of Louisiana At Lafayette's Ira Nelson Horticulture Center here in Lafayette. I also found information by visiting another site. The LSU Ag Center website has a plethora of information, articles, and pictures about flowers that are hearty enough to grow in the colder months.

Flowers That Will Bloom In Winter In Louisiana

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