As someone who is single after 13 years, re-entering the dating scene is overwhelming! Dating is so different now than it was before I got married. Sure, people seem to be more open, but wow, it's scary!

If you've been on a dating app, at some point you've been 'ghosted.' I don't care who you are... you can be the hottest, most amazing person out there, but at some point, someone is going to cease all communication without explanation.

Being 'ghosted' hurts, especially if you really thought you had a connection. All of my girlfriends agree... and trust me, we've talked about it. So, how do you make your stock appear more valuable without being someone you're not? Without losing your sense of self and maintaining your integrity? It's not about playing games. Think of it as practicing or research for an interview for a job you really want!

Being confident and playful is paramount... and so is flirting and flirting well according to Matthew Hussey. Matthew is a British life coach, a YouTube dating guru, and a writer. If you want to make sure you stay on their mind when you're not around, watch the video. Sure, it's aimed at women, but I'm pretty sure it works both ways. Happy dating! I hope you find 'the one!'

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