Dang it, Ricky, you haven't watched the latest Bad Lip Reading video yet? It's all about The Force Awakens, and even has Mark Hamill playing Han Solo. Get with it, Ricky.

If you have been alive in the internet era and somehow haven't happened across a Bad Lip Reading video before, you're clearly someone who is a liar or has just risen from the dead in the past week. While primarily focused on current events like the inauguration or the latest sporting contests, Bad Lip Reading has delved into more familiar pop culture realms in the past.

The series on Star Wars has been an absolute delight to witness for longtime fans who've longed for a new way to appreciate films they've watched dozens of times before. This time the linguistic charlatans turn their attentions to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, finally completing the cycle for all the --- ahem --- good Star Wars movies.

This time the video even enlists the help of one of Star Wars' icons Mark Hamill to lend a hand. Which is surprising given that he only has one left to offer. The man known to many as Luke Skywalker actually takes up the reins as Han Solo this time, delivering quality thoughts on whether or not it's important to get fraps, or ensuring the passengers on board the Millennium Falcon settle down before he turns that ship around.

Even though Hamill is the biggest star in the video, General Leia does get some of the best lines, and it's hard not laugh at Ricky ( BB-8) taunting everyone else with his demonic ways. Don't just take our word for it though, check out the video above and try not to burst out laughing in your office.

The Premiere of The Force Awakens:

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