Some Ford F-150 trucks are being recalled because of a problem with the windshield. Just over 79,000 vehicles are part of this recall. You won't start getting the official informational notice about this from Ford until April. At that point, their correspondence will direct you on which steps you will need to take.

The basics of the information according to the Ford Motor Company website, is that the stuff that makes it possible for the windshield to stick to the vehicles is subpar. In the repair process, Ford says they will remove the current windshield on your recalled truck, and then they will put it back on with improved adhesive.

In the event of a crash, could the windshield come flying off? Because this situation could cause some serious problems potentially, Ford decided to issue a recall. The issue also creates a problem with compliance when it comes to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

So which vehicles are affected and fall under the recall? Ford says that the following vehicles are impacted by this recall:

  • All Ford 2021 F-150 trucks that were made at the Dearborn Truck Plant. The time frame for the trucks is if they were made between October 27 of 2020 through February 3 of 2021.
  • All Ford 2020 and 2021 Ford Super Duty trucks that were made at the plant in Kentucky. The time frame for the trucks is if they were made between October 13 of 2020 through January 23 of 2021.

According to Ford, no one has been killed or hurt by this issue with the windshields, but they are being proactive to prevent any trouble.

Now, because there are always several recalls in our country at a time, they do assign each recall a number. The number for this recall is 21C06.

This recall apparently will also impact around 1,300 vehicles in Mexico and close to 7,000 in Canada according to Ford.




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