Alex Bregman was a standout shortstop for the LSU Tigers and now he's a part of the World Series Champion Houston Astros!

Ever since their game seven wins over the LA Dodgers, Bregman and the rest of the Astros have been on a rollercoaster! Between their big hometown celebratory parade in Houston last Friday, an appearance on SNL, etc... the guys are enjoying their well deserved time in the limelight!

Alex bravely agreed to an 'Ask Me Anything' session on Reddit Monday and the questions came fast and furious! You can see all of the questions and his responses here.

Word is that Alex will continue his victory tour this Saturday in Baton Rouge as the LSU Tigers take on Arkansas! Bregman announced his plans during AMA and LSU is currently working on a plan to recognize him for his achievements during the game. #GeauxTigers

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