The New Orleans Pelicans are looking to finish building this "Super Team" today.

After the Pels went out to get DeMarcus Cousins at the trade deadline last year, a lot of people said the combo he'd make with franchise star Anthony Davis was going to be good enough to make the Playoffs. Which didn't exactly happen last year.

That team also featured Jrue Holiday, who has been an All Star himself, and the team made sure they locked him in long-term this off season. But the team is still a couple pieces away from having a team that looks like it could compete with the rest of the beefed up Western Conference. But today, they're looking to make another move to get closer.

That's right, 4-time NBA All Star, and NBA Champion Rajon Rondo could be on his way to Nola.

Rondo is not as explosive as he once was, he's now 31-years-old, and has dealt with injuries over his career, but he's a veteran presence that can provide a steady hand. Especially on the offensive front. The team traded up through the second round of the draft last month to get Duke guard Frank Jackson, who appears to be ready to contribute early in his career, but is more of a defender than a true point guard, and matching that with Holiday's defensive abilities being above his offensive skills, it creates a niche that Rondo could quickly fill offensively. Perhaps having Rondo focus on offensive, and lay back on defense, you could keep him fresh.

But first, the Pels actually have to sign him.

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