More good news to share with you today.

Russell Ledet, who is from Lake Charles, once worked at Baton Rouge General as a security guard, but now he is walking through the same doors as a medical student and is ready to learn all about performing surgery.

Ledet once worked at Baton Rouge General Hospital as a security guard, all while working on his undergraduate studies at Southern Univerity, but now he returns to the facility as a medical student from Tulane University.

WBRZ-TV reports that Ledet's colleagues at the hospital always knew that he would one day make it. Ledet was often seen studying while on the clock.

Ledet says he is expecting to finish medical studies in about a year, but after that, he plans to further his studies to help children.

The end of the video below really says it all, if you want it, go and get it. What an inspiration to all as students return to school.

I think that all parents should have their kid(s) watch this great message.


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