Remember when the Shreveport Country Club closed last fall after 107 years in operation? The location may be in use soon and neighbors aren't happy with the proposal.

According to KTBS, residents around the old country club are fighting possible rezoning in the area to prevent the former club from being used as a drug rehabilitation center.

Admittedly, when you purchase a home near a country club, you're expecting a 'country club' like atmosphere, not a rehab facility. However, I'm sure the swimming pool and tennis courts and such could provide good physical activity for the patients, minus the cabana boys, of course!

A company based out of Ruston, LA called New Day Recovery wants to build a 30-45 bed inpatient treatment center at the location. New Day operates a facility in West Monroe offering help to those addicted to painkillers, alcohol, etc...

Residents of the area are looking to find out more information, including wanting to know what will happen to the green spaces, trees, etc...

There will be another meeting of concerned citizens Monday, May 1st at Shreve Memorial Library's Atkins Branch on Greenwood Road at 5:30pm.


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