According to KSLA, the lead singer for the popular Shreveport cover band the Hollow Decks has his smartphone to thank for keeping a bullet out of his body.  A little after 10:30 on Thursday night, gunfire rang out from the corner of Greenwood and Exposition - wounding 2 at the scene.  Both of those victims are expected to recover, but there was almost a 3rd person rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound.  The lead singer for Shreveport cover band Hollow Decks, Ben Tynan, was packing up gear after the show at the Louisiana State Fair at the exact same time - when a stray bullet struck him.

That's when Ben realized that he didn't have a bullet hole in him, but he would have to get a new phone.  The stray bullet that could have sent him to hospital or worse had hit him right in the phone.  Although the phone's case was destroyed by the bullet, it didn't absorb all of the force.  In addition to putting the 30 year old singer on the ground, he said it hurt - a lot.  Two things that we can chalk up to luck: First - the fair was closed, and fairly empty at the time.  And second - Ben wasn't on the phone at the time

Shreveport police recovered more than 20 shells from the crime scene, and are still looking for suspects.

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