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The Federal Trade Commission, FTC, has the same question that millions of ice cream lovers have now had for years. Why are the ice cream machines at McDonald's always broken?

Odds are that you, at some time in the past, have pulled into the Golden Arches to grab one of your favorite dairy treats, only to have your dreams crushed with the statement, "I'm sorry, but the machine is broken."

Come on people! The machine isn't always broken! I'm crying foul on that one. It's this ice cream lover's belief that someone is just too lazy to clean the machine, so it's much easier to just never crank the old girl up and claim she's broken, than to have to give her a good cleaning at the end of the night.

It has gotten so bad, you might remember the story that came out last year about the website created just to track all the broken ice cream machines in America.

Granted, cleaning an ice cream machine is tough, but other fast food restaurants like Dairy Queen and Wendy's seem to have figured it out.

It appears that the FTC has received enough complaints nationwide regarding the issue, that they are looking into the issue.  In a story just reported by arklatexhomepage.com we read that the Commission has recently sent letters to McDonald's franchisees inquiring about these broken ice cream machines.

According to the story, McDonald’s franchise owners have complained about how complicated the machines are and that it's really hard to fix them when they break.

In a separate story from the Wall Street Journal, we're told that the FTC wants to learn how suppliers and equipment are reviewed, and whether or not restaurant owners are allowed to work on the machines in their own stores.

Just a guess here, but I'll just about bet the farm that nothing ever comes of the inquiry, but it would be nice to think that Mickey D's could figure out just how awesome a chocolate shake would go with my Big Mac. Course, I'm probably just dreaming.

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