It's one of the most intense college football rivalries in the south, it's got it's own name that has nothing to do with playoffs, The Iron Bowl. Love and Hate divide some southern families when it's time for the Auburn Tigers and Alabama's Crimson Tide to settle up each year on Thanksgiving weekend.

The football game is actually an extension of a bitter political debate that began during the American Civil War (1862-65) and continued during reconstruction and, this past weekend. The first Auburn-Alabama football game took place on February 22, 1893.

This year was a barn-burner with Auburn coming into the game purely as a spoiler having no shot at an SEC championship with three losses, playing for pride and bragging rights. Alabama with a 10-1 record slipping to No. 5 the Tide had no chance at an SEC championship but could still make the playoffs with a win over Auburn.

The teams traded blows like two seasoned heavyweight boxers of the golden era, the football game turned into a real Pier 6 brawl with a total of nine lead changes. In the end Auburn won by a field goal 48-45 locking the Crimson Tide out of all playoff contention whatsoever in 2019.

Alabama Learns He's Been Kicked Out


Alabama watching the college football playoffs are a rare occurrence in our era that prompted this video from SEC shorts. We hope all SEC fans everywhere (except Tide fans of course) will enjoy.

LSU, A&M and all other fans try not to laugh too loud if you're viewing during office hours or a jovial crowd is likely to gather round you.

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