Prepare for the coming of Galactus (the toy).

While various companies have made action figure versions of the famous Marvel villain who loves to eat planets, they have all paled compared to the character in the comics. That Galactus towers over mere mortals, and even the best attempts to recreate him have resulted in some undersized, shrimpy Devourers of Worlds.

But now there is a Galactus toy worthy of the name. It comes from HasLabs, Hasbro’s home for crowdfunded toys. If enough people pledge to purchase one of their elaborate products, they’ll actually make it. In the past HasLabs has made the planet-sized Transformer Unicron and the Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest. Now they’re looking for backers for the biggest Galactus — and the biggest Marvel toy period — ever made.

According to the press release it stands “at 32-inches tall” with “over 300 individual pieces,” LED lights, “over 70 points of articulation” and three swappable faces to give him alternate expressions. You’ll see some more images of the Marvel Legends Galactus below, including a shots with a standard six-inch action figure to give you a sense of the thing’s unbelievable scale. (A Reed Richards barely comes up to the top of Galactus’ boot.)

A toy this big don’t come cheap, though. Galactus will set you back $399.99. (He doesn’t come with the four AAA batteries he needs to light up his LEDs either; you’ll have to buy those separately.) Hasbro wants 14,000 backers to pledge their $400 to put Galactus into production. As of this writing, they’ve already got over 4,050 signed up, putting them over 25 percent of the way to the goal with 45 days left in the campaign. If you want your own, go to the Hasbro Pulse website. The Galactus crowdfunding campaign ends at midnight on August 30, 2021.

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