The statewide average for a gallon of gas is $2 a gallon. Don Redman with AAA expects that trend to continue as refineries transition to the less expensive winter-grade gasoline. He says there may be a slight price increase in October though.
He says the price could go over $2.00 a gallon in later October, but "right now, it's a good time for the consumer”.

Redman says after the October uptick, cheaper gasoline and lower demand should bring gas prices back down as we head into the holiday travel season. He expects prices to hover around $2 a gallon for the remainder of the year. We usually see a decrease as we head into the winter when there is a lower demand for gasoline.

But then as the Christmas holiday approaches, prices will probably spike up just a bit. He says so far every holiday of 2016 has seen record high demand for gas.

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