It's my favorite weekend of the year when it comes to football... and I can't wait to see dem Tigers beat up on Bama!

Sure, this heavyweight SEC match-up is taking place in Tuscaloosa, but we all know that LSU fans travel well... Plus, I'm sure they'll be able to hear me yelling at my TV at least a few hundred miles away!

Maybe it's true that Alabama has our old coach. And maybe it's true that LSU hasn't beat 'Bama since 2011 and that we're already being called a three touchdown underdog, but that doesn't stop it from being a heck of game. After all, LSU has been known to pull a win out of their 'backside' on more than one occasion.

Tiger fans (like me) not lucky enough to make the trip east on I-20 will be glued to CBS this Saturday at 7pm, or eagerly listening to the game on 1130 The Tiger. 

So what are we supposed to do until then? Well, duh! Watch LSU hype videos! It seems like people get more inventive every single year and I hope you enjoy these videos I found on YouTube. Geaux Tigers!

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