Even though the corporate headquarters for Whataburger is no longer located in Texas, but we still claim Whataburger as our own. It's a Texas-thing, and - to us - it always will be. That's why, whenever there a story about Whataburger, like new items, we get pretty excited.

And, that's what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, on the Whataburger website, the announcement was made that there would be a new item added to the menu. Are you ready for this?

The new addition to the Whataburger menu is...

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

Now, the website goes on to describe the new item like this:

A perfectly marinated, crispy chicken filet, topped with fresh, cool leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo, finished with a toasted four-inch bun.

I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of spicy foods. I'm also a fan of chicken. And, if it's fried chicken, that's even better. So, I'm looking forward to trying this new one out for myself.

There is, however, a potential downside in the middle of all this excitement.

In the same announcement on the website, there is a quote from the Vice President of Marketing and Innovation that mentions the "limited-time sandwich". So, for right now at least, it looks like the spicy chicken sandwich will not be a permanent fixture on the Whataburger menu. There's no mention of how long the "limited-time" will be.

So, until then, you might want to take advantage of the new Whataburger Spicy Chicken Sandwich if you get the chance!

To read more about the new menu item, you can go to the Whataburger website here.

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