I know, I know I probrobably shouldn't have binged watched the entire season in just one day. However, It was totally worth it. Season 2 of Stranger Things is by far the best thing on Netflix right now.

I was prepared for what I was getting myself in for when I ordered pizza, prepared my blanket fort and set in for a televised trip of a lifetime.

Overall, the season is by far superior than the first. The reason that I saw that is because we already know the characters and we know the story- so we don't need a recap. Stranger Things 2 does a great job of just jumping right back into the story without a long drawn out build up. Each episode is action packed and story building the entire way through.

The episodes and my brief thoughts on each of them are as follows: Prepare yourself spoilers ahead. Also, these are just my brief thoughts and will be easily understood after watching the episode.

Chapter One: MADMAX

Uhm... whats with the rag tag team of The Lost Boys doing in Stranger Things?

How many pumpkin farms does this town need? Seriously, there is not that many people in this town for all these pumpkins.

Finally, a red head!

But... Barb...

Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak.

I shouldn't dressed up as a ghost buster this Halloween. Kudos for them for sticking it out in their costumes all day long. That must have been awkward.

Eleven! How did you survive on just squirrels?

Jonathan is such a good older brother.

Where High School parties really like that? I am glad I never went. Well.. I wasn't invited usually.

OMG! The thing!

Chapter Three: The Pollywog

Dustin! seriously, you evicted the turtle for that thing?

Gosh.. Jonathan is such a babe.

Was Sherriff Hoopper in the military or is he just crafty?

Eleven don't be jealous! Mike doesn't even like her.

Chapter Four: Will the Wise

Man, it is not Will's day.

What is Jonathan and Nancy up to..

Woah! Eleven's mom...

Geez, Max's brother is such a jerk.

OHHHH I get it.

Chapter Five: Dig Dug

Eleven's look isn't growing on me.

Uh oh. Hopper, what have you gotten yourself into?

How does Mrs. Wheeler not care where her children are?

This secret detective is quite odd, but I like him.

Woah! Eleven's mom...

Chapter Six: The Spy

Steve Season 1, douche bag. Steve Season 2, nice guy. I am into it.

Ohh this secret detective is so creepy..

Is Will going to die?

Eleven, how did you know to buy a grey hound ticket?

Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister

Oh yeas! An all about Eleven episode.

Okay, how old is this girl?

Ohhh snap, she has a number!

Eleven don't do it!! He has children!

Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer

This George Micheal character is getting on my last nerve!

Well that explains things.

Nerd for the win! And he's dead. Awesome.

Is Will going to live!?!


Chapter Nine: The Gate

Is George Micheal seriously hitting on Mrs. Wheeler? Wow..

Eleven and Hopper going to save the day!

Geez George Micheal sit down some where..

Dustin.. don't play like that.

Woah... Eleven..

BUT THE THING IS STILL THERE!! Holy pancakes, season three better get here quick.

This might not make any sense if you are reading this before you have finished the season, but believe me you will be asking yourself the same questions!