Briana Lacost, 25, of East Baton Rouge Parish here in Louisiana has been arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder of her boyfriend.

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Normally that's not an unusual occurrence. Jealousy and a number of other reasons drive women to trying to eliminate their boyfriends regularly.

However, according to, there is nothing "normal" about the story behind Briana's arrest and how she wound up behind bars.

From East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office
From East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office

According to the police report filed by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, detectives were called to a hospital last Friday, January 14, to visit with a male victim suffering from stab wounds.

Of Course Alcohol Was Involved!

The victim claimed that he and his girlfriend, Lacost, had gone out drinking and once he was back home asleep in bed, she woke him up as she was hitting him.

The victim then alleges that he tried to get away from Lacost but she ran straight at him with a knife which she used to stab him.

Once detectives interviewed Lacost, the story she told was very similar to that of the victim, but she added a component to the occasion that the victim had not included.

Lacost Says There's A Little More To His Account Of What Happened

The report indicates that Lacost said that after getting home late, she got upset upon discovering the victim had peed on himself. Lacost goes on to say that she did hit the victim once she got him out of bed, but that he began to choke her.  Lacost then admitted that she had stabbed the victim under the arm when it appeared he was about to leave.

That stab wound punctured the victim's lung, but we've heard no reports that his life is in danger.

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