Information technology advances give us the …convenience … of working from home. I’m not talking about some of the “jobs” that promise astronomical paychecks that are “not typical, see website for average earnings” jobs. No. I refer to traditional careers that can now be pursued from the comfort of home, if your boss allows it. IF you were offered the option to work from home, that is telecommute, what would you give up? Teamviewer ran a poll and found out

  • 34% of us would give up social media…and some of the horror stories coming out of that indicate it might not be such a bad idea, ya?
  • 30% would give up texting. No way! I can see that’s how some big deals might get made!
  • 29% would give up chocolate. I’m out. I am a chocoholic to the core.
  • 25% would give up smart phones. What? NOT when they are becoming THE computer of the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium, no.
  • 20% would give up shopping. Hmmm. Even for groceries?
  • 17% would give up a salary increase
  • 15% would give up half of their vacation days.

If you’re math quick you might be thinking there’s more than 100% here, and that’s not the thing. Most interesting breakouts in the poll are that 12% of us are willing to give up daily showers to telecommute, while 5% said they’d actually divorce their spouse to telecommute. Let’s see…regardless of how convenient it might be how much she might enjoy me spending more time at home, if I gave up daily showers to telecommute, I wouldn’t have to make the choice. My spouse would divorce me!

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