Recently Forbes featured Kylie Jenner in their August 31st Issue that showcased female billionaires. They said Kylie was "set to be the youngest ever self-made billionaire." Right now Kylie is only worth $900 million.

To get her to that $1 billion mark, a GoFundMe campaign was set up. Seriously, this is a real thing. People are actually donating money to Kylie to help her get this title.

The account was set up about 4 days ago, and you can see it here. They have raised close to $2,000 with a goal of $100 million. Surely this was set up as a joke. Even if that was the case people are still donating. According to the GoFundMe account, 131 people have donated so far.

Noam Galai, Getty Images
Noam Galai, Getty Images

That is absolutely wild. Honestly, all Kylie has to do is sell another lip kit line or maybe an exclusive eye shadow pallet to hit that billion dollar mark. Paint it gold and called it the "Billionaire Pallet". I just can't believe people are throwing there money at this campaign.

Well while Kylie Jenner collects her money, the Morning Madhouse is over everyday this month collecting school supplies for the Office Furniture Source Morning Schoolhouse Supply Drive. This is to help raise supplies for children in the area. If you can't make it to one of our designated drop off spots, you can always go by Office Furniture Source during their work hours or Christus Primary Care Partners on Ellerbe road.

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