A bill that would have allowed golf carts to cross LA 35 and other state highways within the town limits of Church Point are now one of only six bills to be vetoed from the recent legislative session so far.  Rep. Phillip DeVillier says the town already had a well thought out plan for permitting put into place as they are aiming to be more golf cart friendly.

“Go to the grocery, go visit a neighbor, whatever it may be, it would allow them an additional mode of transportation around the community.  It's a small community of around 5,000 people,” said DeVillier.

DeVillier says he is disappointed Governor Edwards killed the bill as the safety concerns were addressed with local level regulation as drivers would be required to be 18, have a license, carry insurance on the golf cart, and the vehicle must be equipped with proper lighting.

DeVillier adds he was caught off guard by the veto and says the Governor had voted in favor of similar bills in other communities during his time as a lawmaker.

“Why would you veto a local bill and something that he has voted for himself when he was a legislator.   I mean, I was totally thrown off guard.  They didn’t call to notify me either.  To me, that’s something you would do just out of a little bit of respect,” said DeVillier.

DeVillier says the measure may have a future in another legislative session.

“If the community passes another resolution requesting it again, I certainly will carry the bill.  That’s something I try to do anytime my communities asked me to do something,” said DeVillier.

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