"The Masters" is the most iconic golf tournament in America and it is underway this week in Augusta, Georgia. While the tournament kicks off on November 12, the internet is going crazy over a shot in a practice round today that skipped across a pond and into the hole.

Check out this incredible shot by John Rahm during his practice round today at Augusta National @TheMasters

Now, this is obviously one of the craziest golf shots I have ever seen. But, let me give you some backstory as to what exactly is going on here if you aren't a golf fan.

"The Masters" is a tournament that happens every year, but this year is special as it is taking place in the Fall instead of the beginning of Summer. The changing of the foliage is sure to provide a gorgeous backdrop for the best golfers in the world to compete in.

Now, it is a tradition for golfers in the tournament to take this exact shot on number 16 at Augusta National. Just something fun for the pros to try their best at hitting a low shot that skips across the water and rolls up onto the green while preparing for one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

Now, when Rahm took his chance at hitting the traditional skip-shot across number 16's pond, I don't think he expected for the ball to roll all the way into the hole.

Many across the internet are going WILD over this clip and you can see some reactions below.

Oh yeah, it's worth noting that Mr. John Rahm also had a hole-in-one yesterday during his practice round. Talk about a way to prepare for an event, as Rahm has to be feeling great heading into Thursday's round.

@JonRahmpga took to Twitter to recognize how special of a shot it was. What made it even more special, it's his birthday!

Whether you play golf or not, "The Masters" is a tradition unlike any other. If you are someone who thinks that golf is boring, I challenge you to this - watch the tournament on Sunday afternoon. I guarantee there will be excitement the likes of a Super Bowl, a World Series, or whatever your favorite sport's championship is!

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