During his 11th monthly call in radio show, Governor John Bel Edwards announced his support for two controversial issues in the Bayou State- the expulsion of state Senator Troy Brown and the construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

Edwards says while the pipeline would only create about 12 permanent jobs, it would create more jobs during construction and job retention for others.

“The supply of crude is essential in order to keep the refineries across south Louisiana supplied with crude, and so job retention is extremely important as well,” Edwards said.

The proposed pipeline would stretch across 11 parishes from Calcasieu to St. James, and it’s facing fierce opposition from environmental groups. Edwards says transporting crude through a pipeline is much safer than by train or truck. He adds that he doesn’t see a conflict between the pipeline and the state’s coastal restoration masterplan.

“I support the pipeline, but it’s because I know that the Department of Natural Resources is going to make absolutely sure that they abide by all of the permit requirements, all the regulations, all the state law,” Edwards said.

Edwards also supports the expulsion of the Napoleonville lawmaker who has been convicted of two separate domestic abuse charges. Senators could vote to expel Brown on Monday. The governor says Brown should have resigned immediately because that would have been best for him, his family, and the Senate.

“My personal belief is that should he not resign and not be expelled, he’s not going to be an effective member for his constituents, and it will be a distraction,” Edwards said.


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