Both the mask mandate and state-wide bar closures are set to expire this week. Governor John Bel Edwards says not so fast.

When the state-wide mask mandate was passed, some complained but for the most part, nearly everyone has been following the mandate when visiting Louisiana businesses. Of course, the mask mandate is set to expire this week, so even those who oppose the mask mandate had a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not so fast, says the Governor.

Before he is set to make an announcement tomorrow, the Governor leveled expectations. He says, "Seems like we’ve sort of settled in, sort of where we are and so I don’t want people leaning forward-thinking there would be some major change that doesn’t appear likely based on the current data.” He is definitely hinting at an extension, rather than a move to phase three.

For those hopeful to hang up the masks this Friday, the Governor essentially stated that masks are the 'new normal' and Louisianians should get used to it. He says, "I just people think people need to be prepared to continue with that and by the way it remains a very small price to pay to protect the health of our neighbors and loved ones.”

The Governor will have all the data at hand when he gives his decision and reasoning tomorrow afternoon.



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