Governor John Bel Edwards is enjoying a spike in his favorability ratings as former Governor Bobby Jindal is seen more and more by many to blame for our state's economic woes. 43% of the good people of the Bayou State had a positive view on the newly elected Democrat, up from 34% just three weeks ago. Another factor in Edwards' favor is the scorn being heaped upon the legislature. They are taking heat from citizens over their failure to deal with the budget during the special session. Only 15% of those polled had anything nice to say about them. UNO pollster Ed Chernavek says these numbers mirror the way people generally view those we send to Washington, D.C. as well. "Typically people hold the institution in low regard, but tend to like their own representatives." Chervanek said. Also helping the Governor's numbers are his actions to get help to people affected by the recent flooding. In times of crisis, he is being seen as someone who fights for the citizens of his state.

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