Governor’s race finance reports are out and Governor Edwards has $9.6 million cash on hand, while Republican Eddie Rispone has $9.8 million and GOP Congressman Ralph Abraham has $1.3 million dollars.

John Bel Edwards was barred from fundraising during the legislative season. He is the only candidate so far to run statewide TV ads.

Congressman Ralph Abraham, the leading Republican in the so-far limited polling available, raised $800,000 dollars during the most recent fundraising period.

"All of us on the finance committee are fully committed to making sure that Ralph Abraham has every tool necessary to WIN THE GOVERNOR’s race this fall," says Joe Canizaro, Co-Chair of Ralph Abraham's Finance Committee and President Donald Trump's Louisiana Finance Committee. "A lack of funds will not be a problem for Ralph Abraham."

“We are completely focused on winning this race," says Abraham. “We’re not taking our foot off the gas or slowing down until we beat John Bel, put Louisiana families first, and make sure Louisiana starts winning again.”

Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone has reportedly dumped $10 million of his own money into the campaign. Rispone raised $277,000 from contributions during that period.

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