What do Adele, Mariah Carey and Bette Midler have in common, aside from being wildly talented music artists and pop culture icons? At one point or another in their careers, they were all new artists... Best New Artists, to be exact.

Since its premiere in 1959, the Grammy Awards have ushered forth dozens of music industry superstars, from rock royalty like The Beatles to vocal divas like Christina Aguilera, with the category acting somewhat like a crystal ball for the future of music.

Naturally, there have been a few one hit wonders through the years (where have all the Paula Coles gone?), but for the most part, the Grammy Awards' Best New Artist category winners have become bona fide music superstars.

To celebrate 60 years of Best New Artists, check out the gallery up top to see who won the Grammy award for Best New Artist every year since the Grammys started.

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