That's a baaaaaaad lady!!

A 65-year-old woman says that she protected herself and her property with a BASEBALL BAT when a would-be robber attempted to break into her car.

What the 300-pound man didn't know was that this elderly woman was a former softball player and that her weapon of choice is not a gun, but a bat.

She reportedly hit the man on the head while he attempted to break into her car and police were ultimately able to apprehend  37-year-old Antonio Mosley.

According to WGFL-TV, Mosley ran to a nearby mobile home park, leaving behind his pants, a shirt and a sock. A K-9 unit tracked him inside a mobile home where he was wearing a new pair of pants with cocaine in his pocket.

As for the 65-year-old woman, she's fine and I believe her message has been heard loud and clear!!


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