Lady Gaga has a superfan grandpa who just scored tickets to her coveted Las Vegas Enigma concert and was surprised in the most epic way.

A fan named Whit from Cincinnati, Oh. shared the moment she surprised her grandfather with tickets to Gaga's Enigma concert. Whit's grandmother (his wife), bought the tickets to Gaga's Jazz & Piano show in May of 2020.

She began the surprise by asking him if he is free on May 7 of next year. He looked at his calendar on his cell phone and said he was free. She then asked if he wanted to go to a concert in Las Vegas when he realized what concert this was and was grinning ear to ear. Whit shared on Twitter that this would be his first time seeing Gaga live in concert and that Gaga is "by far his favorite artist."

The internet immediately began sharing his priceless and wholesome moment tagging Gaga and asking her to meet him. Even Halsey shared the video captioning the post in all caps on how cute this moment was.

Watch the entire reaction video below!

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