It has been proven time and again, that age is just a number. And when it comes to the music business, you don't see many of music's elderstatemen/women on the pop charts, but that doesn't mean that the only rocking they do, is sitting in a rocking chair. Here is what New Music Express determined as a list of the "Top 25 Grandparents Who Still Rock".

  1. B.B. King: at 88, B.B. king has, ready for this, 50 grand kids and 8-10 great-grand kids
  2. Bob Dylan: has 9 grand kids, one is a rapper named Pablo Dylan
  3. Bob Geldof: former Boomtown Rat and creator of the 80's bi-continental concert, Live Aid.
  4. James Taylor: he's seen fire, he's seen rain and he gets to spend time with his grandson.
  5. Jimmy Page: the Led Zeppelin guitarist has one granddaughter, whose father is a former astronaut. Talk about good genes.
  6. Joe Perry: the Aerosmith guitarist has one grandson, by his step-son
  7. John Lydon/Johnny Rotten: the former punker from the 70s has twin Jamaican granddaughters
  8. John Paul Jones: the former Led Zeppelin bassist has 9, count 'em, 9 grand kids. That makes for an expensive Christmas, I would bet
  9. Joni Mitchell: after giving up her daughter for adoption, Joni was reunited with her daughter at the age of 20, only to find that she has 2 grandchildren, one granddaughter and one grandson.
  10. Keith Richards: This Rolling Stone has 4 grand kids.
  11. Lionel Richie: he is still making hits and still makes time for his 2 grand kids.
  12. Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stones front man has 4 grand kids...and coming soon, he will be a great grandfather.
  13. Meatloaf: he has one grandson, whom he took to the heavy metal Kerrang music awards ceremony, making the grandchild the youngest ever to attend.
  14. Neil Diamond: he is a very quiet and private person, but has has 7 grand kids
  15. Neneh Cherry: the 80's pop singer of "Buffalo Stance" became a grandmother at the age of 45.
  16. Ozzy Osbourne: this may surprise you, but Ozzy has 5 grand kids. A some of them from his children of his previous marriage.
  17. Paul McCartney: not only is he a Dad to teenager, but he is granddad to 6
  18. Rev Run: the former RunDMC rapper is soon-to-be-granddad this month
  19. Ringo Starr: the former Beatle has has 2 grand kids, which I am sure watched Grandpa on TV, as he used to be a conductor on Thomas the Tank Engine.
  20. Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin's former lead singer has 5 grand kids.
  21. Rod Stewart: he has wives and ex-wives the ages of his kids, but he only has 1 grandchild in his life.
  22. Ron Wood: the Rolling Stone's guitarist, in his spare time from performing and working on his radio show, is also a granddad to 2.
  23. Roger Daltry: The Who's front man has topped everyone with 10 grand kids
  24. Steven Tyler: Aerosmith's front man only has 1 grandchild in his life.
  25. Tina Turner: this grandma still has it on stage and is grandma to 2 grand kids.

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