If you were looking for a device to help you grow weed from the inside of your home, then let XXL introduce you to the one-of-a-kind Grobo, a smart, indoor gardening system that will help you grow your plants form the comfort of your own house.

The innovative device will not only help you grow weed, but it will also help cultivate and grow your own set of crops such as strawberries, kale, tomatoes and more. The Grobo will come equipped with a special glass front that will help harvest the plants condition and keep produce refreshed. The LED lights featured in the interior of the device will help provide enough lighting for the plants that equals 18 hours of full sunshine. Equipped with an app that will help consumers monitor their plants to the best of conditions, the Grobo device will make life much easier for those looking to grow at a more steady and slower pace.

Available now for pre-order, you can lock in your Grobo device with a deposit of $199, but the total retail price of the device is $899. The machine will later be priced at a suggested price point of $1,399. To check out the wonders of Grobo, make sure to peep the video above and get a look at the future of growing weed and head over to Grobo to place your order for this futuristic device.

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