Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards wins a round in the tussle with the State Legislature.

During a veto override session, the State Senate failed in its attempt to override the Governor's veto of a bill that would have allowed residents to conceal carry guns without getting training or a permit.

The Senate voted 23-15 in favor of overriding the gun bill, but it takes a 2/3 majority to in both chambers to override the Governor.  That would be 26 votes. There are 27 Republicans in the Senate, but one of them, Ronnie Johns is not attending the session because of a medical issue. This leaves the Republicans with very little wiggle room.

And three Republicans,  voted against the override. Those three are:

Patrick Connick of Marrero, Louie Bernard of Natchitoches and Franklin Foil of Baton Rouge. All three supported the bill during the session.

Louisiana has not had a veto override session since the current Louisiana constitution was enacted in 1974.

Lawmakers are considering more than 20 bills the Governor vetoed.

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